Wicked Idea

Letter Home, Take Two.

Dearest Mother,

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

I am sure you had your reasons for cheating on a respectable Sea King like your husband and sleeping with the man who so kindly donated a bit of himself to create me. It was the rum, wasn't it? I know I always make some of my worst decisions while drinking rum. Some of my best, too. But I'm quite certain this was one of your worst, unless you count that time you set all the rum afire in a fit of rage.

Needless to say, I have met father. I even sang him that lovely song you wrote, the one that put emphasis on his lack of stamina. He was amused.

I was less so.

Remember Gilgamesh? Yes? COUSIN. Thank you very much for that.

I also gain two brothers with this new information. Malachi, whom I know and could be called fond of insofar as I've never stabbed him; and Ris, whom I do not know.

Back together with Cyrus. Again. Things are going better than our previous attempts.  I met his sister, a few days ago, and various family members. I'm also supposed to meet his father. I am so incredibly doomed, aren't I?

Made a trip back to Minos. Picked up the Fleet in Cameron. Sorry I didn't stop by for a drink, but Corbin still seems to want to kill me. Please work on that, and I might stop hating you so much.

With Some Resemblance of Affection,
Wicked Idea

Living and Dying in 3/4 Time [OOC: Dinah's Playlist]

So, under the agreement of 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' I had with Cyrus...Dinah's playlist. All have rather fitting lyrics, for one reason or another. In no particular order.

Southern Cross- Crosby, Stills and Nash
Hallelujah - kd lang
Drunken Lullabies- Flogging Molly
Haunted(When the Minutes Drag) - Love and Rockets
Dirty Business - The Dresden Dolls
Tin Cup Chalice - Jimmy Buffett
When You Were Young - The Killers
Killer Queen - Queen
Golden Years - David Bowie
Put Your Lights On - Everlast & Carlos Santana
Shiver Me Timbers - Tom Waits
Professional Pirate - Tim Curry and the Muppets
Wicked Idea

A Conversation Over Wine and Fish [Log Snip]

Cyrus says to Gil, "So, you got caught in Dinah's net, too? My condolences."

Anae shifts the angle of the chair she's chosen slightly to better fit her needs. She sits, weight balanced easily but as if movement is something to be expected in the near future. Gray eyes very likely meet Dinah's impassively.

Gil says, "Oh, yes. Repeatedly. You'd think I'd learn."

Cyrus raises his glass, "We have that in common." He thinks for a few seconds, "I'm not sure if it's stubbornness, stupidity, or something else but it's probably best not to look too deep."

Gil says, "Charm, I think. And hormones."

Cyrus laughs, "I'll drink to that." And he does.

Gil says, "Plus, you know, she's got that grin."

Dinah smirks a little at the conversation between the two men. She shakes her head, glances back to Anae, and then Gil. She turns that grin on the man. Any demon would be envious of such a grin.

Gil says, "And that thing she does with her hips."

Cyrus grimaces, "I know." He looks like he's been punched in the chest. "Eh," he says. "What's a guy to do?"

Anae's brow raises but she turns to the side as some passing by the table apparently takes her attention for some reason. There after, her gaze is more impartial upon the room in general. She reaches into her jacket to take out a silver flask which she seems to prefer at the moment as opposed to ordering anything else.

Dinah tsks at Gil. "I am not doing that thing with my hips here. Unless you two are itching for a bit of a brawl, that is. I just bought this shirt, I don't want to get blood on it just yet."

Gil grins. Smirks, morelike.

Cyrus holds up his hands, "I'd prefer to finish my meal." He puts a big slice of fish on his plate.

Anae takes a drink and the flask disappears again. Still, when a rather surly looking fellow approaches, more than likely to ask for an order, she does indeed ask for something. She gets a skeptical look and a snort in response. The fellow turns away to shout into the back.

Dinah smiles. "Good," she drawls out. "So. You two boys have plans for...two days from now?" She leans back in her chair, relaxed.

Gil says, "I have a feeling I might, now."

Cyrus turns to Dinah and says, "Oh, no. I'm not falling into that trap again. The last time I said, 'no, I'm free' I woke up three days later with no eyebrows and a tattoo."

Dinah replies, sweetly, "The eyebrows grew back, though. I could've done worse."

Gil says, "What was the tat?"

Cyrus mutters, "Butterfly."

Gil says, "Where?"

Cyrus answers, "Gone."
Cyrus is very tanned but a blush makes itself shown across his face.

Gil says, "Ah, on your foot, then?"

Dinah looks absolutely hurt towards Cyrus. She hrmphs softly, and downs her glass of wine.

Cyrus grumbles, "Yeah, foot. That's it."
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Wicked Idea

Sometimes, in the midst of all my crimes, I feel lost [Dear Diary]

Things have been somewhat eventful, since my arrival in Amber. I've learned a few things, all of them of some interest.  The greatest, of course, being that the Apple was recently near Amber's harbor. I will have her again, soon. Those that betrayed me will be punished. Thoroughly.

Peril is, and will remain, himself. I cannot wait until I have the Apple back, so I can run the piece of junk the Widow into the reefs. Really, now. The Widow vs the Apple? Even Cyrus admits I have one of the fastest ships of Minos.

I managed to run into another ex-lover here. Gil. Now that...that was surprising. But, like with Cyrus, the attraction is great   lack of truly hard feelings are minimal, on his part. I am a pirate, after all. What do these men expect? They have both promised to aid me, should I need it. In Cyrus' own words, may I never have a shortage of slow men around me. In my own, may I always have a former flame in port that I didn't screw over too badly.

Speaking of, I came across an invitation to a Salon held by some lady of Rebma. Since my only other plans for the night involved drinking and brawling, I decided that Drinking and Talking might be a change. I managed to even squirm into a dress. The effect was rather fetching, I admit. Especially when seeing Gil nearly choke on his own tongue and go slack-jawed. (Note to self: Commission a new dress.) I didn't stay long, however. Hearing the story of two separated lovers while with two former lovers increased my desire for something stronger than wine.

Cyrus brought me to the Coda, where we spoke for a time on things. It is refreshing, to see that I can still make him blush and studder over his words after fifty years apart. Sometimes, I wonder why we Oh yes. Bastard. It was a good night, however. Until he brought up Dad. Bastard.

I have received the most interesting proposition. We will have to see how it works out. I always wanted to see a good play.

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