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A New Path Guardian is Made.

 You feel a gentle pressure in your mind. Someone is trying to reach you via your Trump.
You accept the Trump contact from Emrys.

The image of Emrys is dressed in a kilt and warpaint. "Cousin, it is time you learn to keep this thing going." He holds a hand out.

To the image of Emrys, Dinah's brows are arched, but she takes the offered hand, putting her early afternoon glass of rum down, first.

You reach forward and grasp Emrys's hand.

--[ The Arena at Estoreth]-------------------------[ Somewhere ]----

The trio are in the ruins of an ancient arena, the staidum seating crumbling and a few broken pillars to be found on the dirt floor where generations of spilled blood has left dark stains. Emrys releases Dinah's hand and puts her trump back with the rest.

"Cousin," Dinah greets as she comes through, "Maereina." Blue eyes scan over the arena, then return to Emrys. Her brows are still very slightly lifted.

Emrys takes up a ritual dagger. "This is the last node from Minos to Amber. It is the struggle of rebirth before life is found again after traveling the paths of the dead," he explains to Dinah. He steps away, slashing his palm deeply and beginging to use the blood to draw out an area in the sands. "This is the Form of that journey," he says. It's a large mystical symbol of sorts. Big enough for people to stand inside. Circle bisected by a triangle and some other stuff.

Maereina frowns as she looks at the costume provided for her. "Really?" She calls out with just a hint of disbelief before she starts changing from her normal garb into a tribal war outfit of stiff cured furs, complete with blue war paint over the face. "There's enough of this paint to cover my whole body!" she calls out.

Dinah takes a step back, so that she is out of the way as Emrys draws his symbols on the sands in blood. Her lips are pressed, and she nods as he speaks. "Estoreth," she names it, watching her cousin keenly, only briefly glancing towards Maereina.

Emrys smirks, looking up at Mae once he has the Form drawn. "Ours is the blood transendant," he says. "Hers the blood and power bound by the Walker. This is why she will be guardian, and not one of us," he tells Dinah. He stands inside the Form. To Mae, "Do you come here of your own free will, to take your place as a Guardian of the Path of Minos? To be Bound to the stability and strength of that realm, to stand against the forces of Chaos that might seek to tear it asunder?"

Maereina finishes covering her face with the blue paint. She glances over to Dinah then looks back to Emrys, "Aye! I will stand against anything that seeks to harm Minos."

Emrys inclines his head. "Then step inside and defeat me, if you would be Champion of Estoreth."

Dinah gives a slow nod in reply to Emrys. The gaze she puts on Mae is a heavy one, as she awaits for the answer from the other Minosian. The answer given, she nods. A step back is taken, and she makes ready to watch the battle.
Maereina's eyes widen at that but she walks slowly forward and steps inside the circle, clearly unsure about what she is about to do.

Emrys's hand is barely bleeding now, but it's red from drawing the circle, his skin a bit pale. "Defeat me!" And he swings a fist at Mae.

Maereina blinks and reacts in instinct from the fog that is her memory. She sidesteps the fist and grabs for the wrist, attempting to use his own momentum against him and send him to the ground.

Dinah watches, in silence, as the two begin their fight. She holds it for the duration, only her eyes moving, tracking their movements.

Emrys is above all things a graceful creature and he makes the grabbing of his wrist seem like it was part of what was intended all along. His body turns, his knees bend, and a wicked jab is tossed towards Mae's own kneecap.

Maereina has a fluid grace of her own. A step back is taken to avoid the punch to her knee. Then she twists the wrist that she did not release while at the same time bringing up her elbow with the intent to tug him down to connect with her elbow.

Blood blossoms as Emrys's face connects to Mae's knee. His hand sweeps out to grab her ankle and try to pull the woman off balance. It goes this way, a dance of violence and blood. Blood feeds this path.
Maereina releases him as he grabs her ankle and yanks it. She falls back, but her hands hit the ground before her body as she kicks at his face with her free leg. Even so there's a grunt when she does hit, but she doesn't look dazed.

THere's no giving up. This doesn't appear to be a combat to first blood or even yield. The blood that lines the Form they fight in begins to glow and some of that glow lifts like sparks from a fire to attach themselves to Mae as the fight goes on. Blood. Pain. Emrys swings fists and throws kicks, tugs hair and uses his teeth. This is not a fair fight, by any meaning of the word. The air is almost electric now.

As the fight goes on, Mae begins to growl softly, particularly once the glow begins to attach itself to her. She realizes what defeat him means now and there is true anger in her eyes at his having asked her to do it. Yet she becomes ever more vicious, blocking punches, side-stepping kicks. She uses her fingers like claws now, intentionally drawing blood when she can. She claws. She bites. She cries out when her own blood is draw and fights all the harder. She failed her mother. She will not fail in this as well.

And that viciousness only seems to make the glow from the Form attach more and more to Mae, faster and faster. By the time that Maereina is looming over an unconcious, bleeding, pale Emrys, she's sparkling with power visible to the naked eye. It's a sparkle that won't go away for over a day.

Dinah may have not witnessed the binding of this node before, but she has seen some of the other guardians made. As Maereina sparkles fully, the Captain claps two, three times. "Minos acknowledges and accepts your service, and your defeat of the Walker's scion." She steps closer, but still stands outside of the circle of blood.

Maereina fights down the urge to strike her unconscious opponent with effort and then stops to stare down at herself. She turns to face Dinah when she speaks, trembling visibly. "Is it done?"

Dinah glances down to her unconscious kinsman, then back up to Maereina. "It's done," she confirms with a nod. "You are now the Guardian of Estoreth." Another glance to Emrys. "He'll be fine in a few, I'm sure."

Emrys stays unconcious for a while. A really long while. You can probably leave him here.

Maereina nods slightly and steps slowly out of the circle to go back to where she left her real clothes, "He survived being killed last time so I'm sure he'll survive this."

"At least the Weir are more convienent than the Kitzehka. You don't have to wait for sunrise for them to come back." Dinah crouches down, and gathers Emrys up. "And they're...*grunt* a bit lighter. Time to go back to Amber."

Maereina murmurs, "You do when they actually die. Unless something weird happened last time." She grimaces and begins scrubbing the blue paint from her face with a cloth from her belt pouch.

Dinah shrugs a shoulder. It would, perhaps, be a larger shrug, were she not carrying Emrys over one of her shoulders. "You ready to blow this joint, Maereina?"

Maereina shakes her head just slightly. "No. I am definitely not going back to Amber covered in blue paint and wearing primitive war clothes. Just do me a favor and send Redhand a message that I need him to trump. I was on Starchaser when Emrys trumped me."

Dinah nods, and looks to the sky. There is a moment of furrowed brows before a blue macaw comes from apparently no where. Emrys is set down, and a tiny scroll of paper is taken out from Dinah's belt, along with a golf pencil. The note is scrawled, quickly, and tossed up to the bird. "It will reach him faster than I will," she says, as the bird takes off, and Emrys is gathered once more. "Take care." That done, she begins to walk, and fade out of view slowly.

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