Captain Discordia (discordia_rta) wrote,
Captain Discordia

Captain's Log

Things have been calm, lately, and each new day brings Cyrus further down the long road to health. It has not been an easy time, but as things progress the silver lining to this black cloud becomes brighter and brighter.

I had a few days, in the past month, where I thought that I had caught an affliction that seems to be running rampant lately. Thankfully it was just a late-coming catching of what had Stormcrow so torn up, and nearly not as bad. Not to say that I was *horrified* by the thought, but, well. There are things that need to be done, still, and I'd rather not be waddling when they come to pass.

Still need to catch up with Benedict, and see about going off into shadow again. Still need to talk with Dad. I've heard that Captain Danger is back in the city, and that's another I should speak with. Also, Valentine. I'm desiring something shiny, beyond what I can just plunder.

Managed to speak with Pwyll, and two new cannons are on the way. I doubt they'll have the perfect elegance that BCM's do, but, well. Beggars, choosers, and everything else that goes with the saying. He did, however, ask me a rather curious question, which now swims about in my mind. Time to get out the good rum, wear something red, and speak with my husband.
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