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Captain's Log [Dear Diary]

'Cause the truth you might be runnin' from is so small,
But it's as big as the promise, the promise of a comin' day.

So I'm sailing for tomorrow. My dreams are a-dying.
And my love is an anchor tied to you, tied with a silver chain.
I have my ship, and all her flags are a-flying.
She is all that I have left, and Music is her name.

Think about how many times I have fallen.
Spirits are using me; larger voices callin'.
What heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten...

I am lulled into a sense of peace, brought on by the symphony that is the cry of sea birds, the sound of the sea lapping against the hull of the Ten, and the soft noise of Cyrus's breathing that has come to mean 'home' for me. In a few weeks, I will become his wife in name, and leave my family's name behind in exchange for his. The thought twists something inside of me, a sense of delight and fear to it. He called me his guiding star, tonight. He is the compass of my heart. I am a pirate in love, and that love is like the sea.

It's in these hours, when the sun is just starting to break over the horizon that things are always clearest, and the music and words come. Sometimes it's in a rush, like a storm breaking. Other's it's a gentle rain. Tonight, it is a hurricane.

Malachi took me to face that twisting line on the ground I've been avoiding since I found out I was my father's daughter. I am glad it is done with, and that he was there to offer me a steady pillar to lean against. Hopefully, father will not be too upset over my doing it without further consulting him. But it needed to be done. I look no different, Cyrus says. But I feel it. A greater sense. There will be many questions for me to find answers to, in the near future, and so few I trust to provide those answers.

At least I've found the answer to one: When Malachi's birthday is.

Quinn has arrived in harbor, and it is good to see my near-twin. Pieces have begun to fall into place, solidify. Soon, I will face what I must, and work on my duties to both Minos and the One True City.
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