Captain Discordia (discordia_rta) wrote,
Captain Discordia

Captain's Log [Dear Diary]

We're on the way back from Montevalno, aboard the Ten. This ship really is growing on me, I have to admit. She's like a favorite niece, or other such familial affection.

There's nothing like a good trip out on the seas to freshen one's spirit. It also helped that I got to update my charts in the process, and got my hands on some new ones. I've no idea why I was given that note, but it was most excellent to receive. Making that secretary tremble was also quite lovely. I believe those we brought here got what was needed on their part, as well.

I never did see that Father for confession. Ah, well. We were on a tight schedule anyways and I'd hate to make the poor brother's hair go white.

This week has been an...interesting one. I believe that may be an understatement.

One Prince vaguely accused me of trying to start a war, and another that I am glad to call Uncle and I had a good conversation over even better rum.

Minos is now the sole supplier of whale products to Chantris, the papers signed by Cyrus's hand. I must return those papers, as well as my report on my arrest with haste. Of all the things I don't want, Adelheyd Swyft upset at me is high on that list.

Cyrus is now Heir of Chantris.

Heir. Of. Chantris.

Which makes him Lord Chantris. The Lord Chantris.

Which makes me the Future LADY Chantris.

Which makes us the Future Duke and Duchess of Chantris.

And dear gods, I'm a Princess. Have I mentioned that, lately? 

Next thing you know, they'll be naming me Ambassador and calling me 'Your Excellency'. Wait. Too late. That's already happened.


Still working on the planning for two Grand Parties.

Still figuring out wedding plans, need to set up shopping dates with reliable friends.
Perhaps I'll make Gil come along. 

Still need to speak with Caine on various things.

Conclusion: More rum needed.

(scribbled out words) He does have a sixth sense for the opening of good bottles, I swear.
Tags: charts, dear diary, friends in unexpected places, montevalno
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