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In Which Random Pays Another Visit To Dinah.

A familiar scrawny figure saunters along the pier, until he spots where the Golden Apple is berthed. He calls up to the ship, "Captain aboard?"

"Aye. Come aboard," comes in Dinah's own voice. The crew on deck is scarce at the moment, just a few men setting to the daily tasks of tending to lines and swabbing decks. The Captain is adjusting some rigging, herself.

Random comes aboard without hesitation, pace quick but unhurried. He strolls up alongside her, keeping enough distance to not interfere in her work. "Just got a few things to talk to you about," he says cheerfully. "Not too busy, are you?"

Dinah figure-eights the line she had in her hand, and shakes her head. "Come on into my office, then. I'd been planning to drop by your office in the palace, meself, soon."

Random chuckles. "Guess I saved you some trouble, then, huh?" He follows where she leads.

Dinah's only comment to that is a smirk, and she swaggers across the deck towards her quarters.

Random rests a hand upon the back of a chair, and leans casually.

The table's a bit neater than usual, and the books on wedding planning might seem a bit out of place. "Make yourself comfortable," is offered by Dinah, as she reaches for a heavy wooden box.

"Sure thing." Random hooks out the chair with his foot, turns it around, and drops into it, folding his arms over the back and leaning forward against them. "I don't think this will take long."

Dinah makes the universal gesture for 'get on with it' as she puts the box down on the table and starts to open it. Neutral would be the best way to describe her current demeanor.

Random explains, "We are going to be sending our people along the Minos path. Doing repair work. Amber Navy vessels. I figured I should let you know, so you can pass it along to the other captains not to be surprised by what they are doing on board."

Dinah mms. "I'll have word spread between those of my Fleet and let the Commodores know," she murmurs. A large, rolled piece of paper is pulled out, looking even more official than the one she had previously showed Random. "Here. You wanted to see this, I believe."

RPG: Dinah declares that she owns this token:
Author:    Adelheyd                         Held By:  Dinah
Date:      Thu Apr 24 15:25:47 2008         Focus:    0
Title:     Discordia's Commission
Adelheyd at Thu Apr 24 15:25:52 2008
Token Description
Captain Discordia is officially commissioned as co-Captain of the great embassy fleet of Minos, sent to Amber to aid in this time of crisis. She is to be considered an official representative of the Commodores of Minos and accorded all due respect and protections.
RPG: Dinah used the following +declare targets: Captain's Quarters: The Golden Apple - Amber Docks

Random reaches for it, glances through it, and passes it back. "Thanks," he says. He grins for an instant. "All official now." He shrugs, a movement of his shoulders that doesn't disrupt his hunch over the chair-back. "I don't much give a damn but Corwin likes these technicalities."

Dinah rolls it back up, and places it back within the box. "I'm not usually one to stand on such officiality, but if that's the way it's to be played," she closes the box, slides it back into its place.

Random chuckles. "New king, new rules," he says without much humor. "He is a sensitive kind of guy, you know? They make for touchy monarchs."

Dinah's lips twitch into a brief smirk. "I hadn't noticed," she murmurs. "But I usually prefer it when people don't get *touchy* with me, if you understand what I'm saying. A letter usually suffices in certain matters."

"Corwin takes it kind of personal," says Random, with a wry grin. "He is not the letter-writing type."

Dinah smiles, though it's more a showing of teeth. "Can't say my people usually are, either. Have you ever had to heal a fracture in your pelvis? I don't recommend it."

Random laughs. "I have broken damned near everything that can be broken over the last couple of centuries," he says. "I am not usually the letter-writing type either, you see. Some people take that kind of personal, too."

"It seriously cramped my dancing style," Dinah says, completely deadpan.

Random smirks. "Hell, it's not the dancing I'd miss," he says. Then he is serious, or at least working towards some semblance of it. "Anyhow, I have been meaning to ask you about this whaling dispute."

Dinah makes a small gesture. "I'm a lady. I try not to be vulgar." A smirk appears, briefly, then her expression returns to business-woman neutral. "And what is it you have to ask?"

Random offers another of those little shrugs. "What's going on?"

Dinah's shoulders lift in a shrug. "I'm a sailor, not a whaler. But from my understanding, Rebma's trying to claim waters around our shadowpath, past their Triangle."

Random nods. "But they say it's about poaching. You think there's anything to that claim?" He flashes a quick grin. "I expect you are going to tell me that of course there is not, but I figured I'd ask for form's sake anyway, huh?"

Dinah smirks. "It's past their Triangle, Highness. It's not poaching at all. The whalers of Minos are hard working, honorable men and women that are trying to make a living off of the bounty of the *open* seas."

Random smirks in return. "Right. Of course they are." He runs a hand through his hair, absently. "So what's your angle on this? This an excuse for a buildup to open war, or are you hoping to settle it out more peaceably?"

Dinah holds her hands up, fingers spread wide. "It's Rebma that's pushing in this, not Minos. We're just looking out for our rights to the seas. We're already at war with that damned Blackness. It's usually easier to fight one enemy at a time. Some people understand that."

Dinah tilts her head. "Answer me this, Random. If Minos was trying to start a war, would we have our damned Fleet HERE, instead of in our ports?"

Random nods, his eyes narrowing in thought. "All right," he says. But he quirks a quick grin, accompanied with a raise of eyebrows, glint of mischief in his eyes when he answers her question. "It all depends," he says. "If I were being cagey I might sit around here waiting for things to heat up enough that war looks like it will soon erupt, and then pull my ships to wherever it is they need to go, you know? From here you can sail anywhere in the Circle, and quick, too."

Dinah snerks. "As I said, we're not here to start a war with Rebma. We're here to fight that damned stretch of Blackness that's creeping over the waters and shores. Not our bloody fault that other people have their priorites elsewhere."

Random scratches behind an ear. "Check," he acknowledges. He exhales. "Thanks. That's all I wanted to know."

Dinah inclines her head. "Pleasure, as always."

Random gets up, and flips the chair the right way around, pushing it back against the table again. "By the way," he says, as he is about to go out, "where else do Minos's whalers hunt?"

Dinah flashes a smile. "Trade secret, I'd assume. As I said, I'm a sailor, not a whaler," she says as she rises to her feet.

Random lets out another chuckle. "Just a thought," he says. "See you around, huh?"

Dinah sets her own chair back into position. "Aye, I'm sure you will. Watch your step on the gangplank."

Random ducks, heading out of the cabin. "Thanks," he says again, and departs, whistling cheerfully to himself.
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