Captain Discordia (discordia_rta) wrote,
Captain Discordia

My Dearest Commodore

Written in a flowing feminine hand, on fine parchment in deep blue ink. The envelope is sealed by golden wax, and addressed to the Commodore of Cameron

My Dear Commodore,

I regret to inform you that things in Amber have not gone very smoothly. The Fleet has yet to see action, though I hope that will be corrected in short order.

I was requested by one Prince Random of Amber, speaking (likely) on the behalf of His Royal Bastardness Majesty King Corwin I of Amber, for an official document declaring me as the Ambassador selected by Minos to represent her interests within Amber. I would appreciate this letter as soon as you're able. It would not hurt if it looked impressive. Or if you got the others to sign it as well. I can handle the retrieval of Commodore Deadeye's seal, myself.

On a more personal note, your grandson, Peril, seems to be making good for himself within Amber. I'll keep an eye out, as requested.

I will be returning to Manzanil, briefly, for a family engagement. I hope to stop by your own port, along the way back.

May the winds and tides be to your liking.

--Captain Discordia
Tags: letter
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