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A Random Conversation

There's a call from the pier that the Golden Apple is moored at. A short, scrawny figure yells up, "Captain on board?"

"Aye, Discordia on deck!", calls out one of the crewmen. Dinah, herself, is just emerging from her quarters.

Random calls, "I've got permission to come board, right?"

Dinah peers over the rail, and to Random. There's a pause for consideration, before, "Aye, Permission granted!," is called out. Her voice carries quite well, without being booming.

Random comes aboard, without fanfare. He looks casually at ease, as he heads Dinah's way. A nod of greeting. "Captain." His gaze goes over her, assessingly . Probably, from its sharp contemplativeness, considering the state of her health, rather than imagining what she looks like naked.

Dinah rests one hand on her hip, casually, her own gaze raking over Random slowly. More measuring than anything. She looks the picture of health, right down to the glow of her skin. "Highness," she greets with her own nod. "What do I owe the distinct pleasure to?"

Random leans against the railing, still casual. "Just coming by." A quick grin. He is otherwise poker-faced, offering little hint as to his real purpose, so far. "Nice day, huh?"

Dinah doesn't look like she's truly buying it, but seems willing to play along. Her expression is borderline professional, even. "Yes, the weather here has been nice, as of late."
Random nods. "Guess you're staying a while, huh?" He slouches further against the rail. "Been meaning to ask you about this ambassador thing," he says. "I hear it is an elected post."

"Aye, had planned to," Dinah says with a nod. There's a very slight narrowing to her eyes, but even that is brief. "There's this tiny matter of war and a Blackness we came here to help out with." She shrugs a shoulder, like it's No Big Deal. Another nod. "Aye, it is."

Random explains, "I have been asked if you've got a credential from the council of captains or whatever it is that Minos has for this kind of thing." He runs a hand through his hair. "Like a letter or something, you know? Saying that they elected you."

Dinah scratches at her chin, and blinks a few times. "You know, they handed me some pretty paperwork, but I never thought to see if something like that was in there." She moves towards her quarters, and gestures for him to follow. "Let's see, shall we? Nothing I'm sure I can't get, need be."

Random follows, ducking his head automatically when it comes to the door into the cabin. "I am not much for paperwork myself. But it turns out to be important for, uh, little things, sometimes."

"You know, if they want us gone, all they have to do is say so," Dinah says, a cold edge to her voice. "Been doing nothing but sitting on my ass, anyway." She takes out a long wooden box, holding some scrolls, and pulls one out.

Random helps himself to a chair. "So you are a fan of Benedict's, huh?" The question is casual.

Dinah carefully breaks the seal on the scroll, which had been that belonging to the Commodore of Cameron. She unrolls it, and frowns. "Damn. I don't think they thought to put the whole 'ambassador' thing down." She turns it so Random can read it. The paper does, at least, call itself a letter of commission, naming one Captain Discordia and one Captain Peril the heads of the Minos Fleet.

Random's eyes scan the page quickly. He nods and shrugs. Paperwork is probably not of much interest to him personally. A moment later, he frowns. "Might not be a bad idea to write home for it," he says. "Might help keep you out of trouble, you see."

Taking the scroll, Dinah rolls it back up and presses gently on the seal, rubbing it back down. "I'll be sure to do so," she says with a nod. Her lips are slowly falling into a frown.

Random says, delicately, which probably sounds wrong coming out of him, "Corwin is, uh, in a sensitive period of his kingship, you know?"

Dinah smirks, faintly. "I couldn't help but notice. I'm not here to play games, Highness. I am here to fight this thing that spills out over the seas and shores. That threatens us all. If I have to sit around on my aft until I get a piece of paperwork, so be it."

Random shakes his head. "It isn't the paperwork," he says. "It's the whole thing, you know? I mean, the paperwork will help. And you should not wait for it. But you have got to be careful. It is different now that there is a king and not a regent."

Dinah glances over to Random. "His ego's touchy, so to speak. I know that, now. I sang a song that complimented those that I've heard stories about, those that have been brave enough to fight against an unfathomable enemy." She shrugs. "People like that deserve songs. If the King doesn't think so, so be it. I won't sing them on his shores. I will, however, continue to sit here, in His harbor, with a fleet given by the Commodores of Minos, Captained by some of the greatest in all the Five Ports, until someone tells me what the bloody hell they want me to do with them."

Random chuckles, although not with much humor. "I guess he thought you were accusing him of being a coward," he says. "Your unnamed coward, eh?" He squints at her. "You weren't, were you? Accusing him of being a coward."

Dinah straightens, drawing herself up to her full height. It's not all that impressive, perhaps just about five and the half. "There are plenty of able-bodied men and women that could go out and fight, but would rather sip tea. They're the cowards."

Random says readily, "Sure. But you didn't mean Corwin, did you?"

Dinah replies, easily, "Kings fight things in their own way."

A pause. Then Random nods, once and abruptly. "Good enough," he says. He slumps further into the chair, stretching his legs out. "Your captains sail all the seas of the Golden Circle," he says in a shift of subject. "You've noticed the sea routes to Amber deteriorate. You have, haven't you?"

Dinah takes the change of subject easily. "I haven't noticed the changes myself, I travel by different means. But I have heard that the paths are getting unstable, more dangerous, from the other Captains," is said with a nod.

Random says, "I'm looking for help to repair the paths. Soon, I mean. Bit of research to do first. We're not sure what's going to fix them, yet." He mentions, "Might be a place for some brave seagoing types to help out. Not as glorious as war, but useful."

Dinah scratches at her chin. "I'll see what I can do," she offers. "The boys might appreciate a reason to get out and about, and feel useful."
"Check." Random gets up from the chair, scraping it along the floorboards. "I'll send word, huh? When I've got something that can be acted on."

Dinah manages not to wince as Random drags the chair over her nice floor. "Sure thing," she says with a nod. "I'll get that paperwork."
Random heads towards the door, and lifts his hand in a wave that turns into it resting on the doorframe when he gets there. "Thanks. It'll be appreciated."

Dinah watches Random leave, and even walks him to the gangplank. The Prince does not end up going for a swim, and is seen safely off. "Night," is all she offers.

Random calls back cheerfully, as he heads back down the pier, "Later!"
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