Captain Discordia (discordia_rta) wrote,
Captain Discordia

Captain's Log [Dear Diary]


They are strong emotions, but I burn with them right now. It has been some time since I've felt this insulted.

This is how Amber replies to an offer of aid from Minos? To us sending some of our best Captains and Ships to her harbor to help in their war against the damnable Road when we have our own problems to deal with?

I should have listened to Corbin and stayed in Manzanil, instead of offering The Apple.

And here I am, now, liason.

They threw me in jail for a night. I was beaten. There was a message intended, I feel. Perhaps they should have made it a bit more clear, or was it a general F-you? I was set up by someone. Someone with connections. It speaks of cowardace, and that is one thing I cannot stomach.

The person that issued the order will be found. And they will know my anger.

Until then, the Fleet remains in the harbor. Doing nothing, but sounding angry. For now.

Tags: dear diary
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