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In Which A Warrant Is Served

Cyrus exits the Mead Hall on Dinah's arm. He is smiling and seems quite determined about reaching his destination.

Malachi has just come within sight of the mead hall, and raises a hand in greeting as he sees Cyrus and Dinah, his pace brisk.

Dinah laughs at something murmured by Cyrus, a smile on her own lips. She returns Malachi's greeting, fingers waggling towards the man.

Connor's bootsteps and the similar steps of the half dozen men flanking him precedes him, flat slaps on hard stone. They have truncheons in hand, and have the look of serious business about them. They're vectoring in on the mead hall, but as the couple departs, the commander makes a hand gesture and the men spread out, the wedge headed directly for Cyrus and Dinah. Sharp eyes may note a few more Gulls taking up positions off the street.

Cyrus's smile drops as he notices the movement around the street. His hand falls on his sword hilt but he does not draw.

Malachi notes the Gulls, and changes neither direction nor expression as he continues towards the pair.

To Cyrus, Dinah's laughter dies in her throat, and her expression falls. The hand that had been used to hail Malachi drops to the hilt of her scimitar, and her other arm untwines from Cyrus's. "I have a bad feeling about this, dear."

Eva emerges from somewhere, heading towards the mead hall, probably.

Connor says, "Restraint's the best plan, Stormcrow, I've no business with you." He takes two steps forward from his men truncheon in one hand, rolled paper in the other, looking at Dinah, "I've a warrant for the arrest of Captain Dinah, AKA Captain Discordia on charges of piracy. Will you come along quietly, ma'am?"

Cyrus glowers at Connor but makes no sudden moves. "Business with her is business with me, Commander. And you haven't earned the right to call me by that name."

Malachi stops a pace away from Dinah and Cyrus, watching Connor. He isn't standing in visible support of either side here just yet.

Dinah's flashed smile is as sharp as her blade's edge. "Charges of piracy?," she asks, just a bit amused. "In regards of what, might I ask? I've done nothing but honorable business since pulling into port."

Eva pauses on the edge of happenings, keen sense of staying out of trouble and all, but intrigued.

Connor does not look at Cryus to address him, "Nor do I need to, Captain. But these charges do not include your ship and crew, unless you desire the piracy charge extended to include them." To Dinah he says, "That's a discussion for you and the magistrate, ma'am. Will you surrender your blade and come along quietly, or is this going to be an issue?"

Cyrus asks, "Who signed the warrant, Commander?" His emphasis on that last word implies several other words he'd prefer to use.

Dinah unsheaths her blade, but doesn't use it to spill any blood. She offers it, hilt first, to Cyrus. She speaks softly to him, eyes narrowed. "Considering how incredibly outnumbered I am, and the fact this is a new shirt..." A step forward is taken, away from Cyrus.

To Cyrus, Dinah says, "Please be sure that either Emma or Captain Danger is made aware of the situation. And the other Captains, perhaps."

Cyrus takes the blade with a nod.

Eva's head tilts to one side as she finds a wall to lean against on the edge of hearing range.

Dinah looks as if she's just remembered something, and withdraws a slim dagger from betwixt her cleavage. It's offered to Cyrus as well.

Cyrus takes the knife in his other hand.

Malachi looks towards Connor, waiting on the answer to the question Cyrus asked.

Connor flips his wrist enough to expose the bottom of the warrant. The seal is royal, as is apt for a matter of piracy. He nods to Dinah, and gestures for one of the guards to come up, a burly woman bearing manacles. "Thank you. As you have offered no resistance, you may opt to have your wrists bound to the front, and covered with a cloth that we may escort you with a minimum of embarassment, if you would be so kind as to present your wrists to the sergeant."

Cyrus says, "Well, somebody's going to end up embarassed by this, I'm sure. Odds are it's not gonna be her."

Dinah holds her wrists out, glancing to the seal with a narrowed gaze. "I had far more interesting plans for the night," she murmurs wryly. An apologetic look is given back towards Cyrus, though it's quick to twitch into a smile at his words. "Good to see how things are, around here."

Malachi stands still and watches, with a brief glance of his own towards Cyrus.

Connor looks on as the sergeant affixes the manacles. She's very professional about the whole process, and when she seems confident, she drapes a cloth over the hands and nods to the commander. He nods and, on cue, the majority of the watchmen pull back some small distance. The commander looks at Cyrus sadly, "You may return to your playing. Stormcrow."

Cyrus's grip on Dinah's sword tightens but he keeps the point low. "I'll let the boys know you consider yourself a Minosian, now, Commander. They'll find it amusing." To Dinah he says, "I guess this is the way Amber says 'thanks for the help'.

Dinah mms, with a nod. "So it would seem, Stormcrow." She smirks at the covering of her hands, seeming rather amused at it.

Connor deflates a little, and if anything looks little more sorrowful. Perhaps Cyrus's barb landed. Whatever the case, he and his men turn to depart and lead the prisoner away.

Malachi looks to Cyrus as Dinah departs, watching the man closely.

Cyrus watches the scene muttering softly apparently to himself.

Eva bows in a Jadean fashion as they pass by.

Malachi moves over directly beside Cyrus to speak quietly to the man.

Dinah is lead away, but it's with her head held high. She makes no fuss along the way, a smirk that could never be called pleasant on her lips.

[Fade for Warrant Fullfilling, beatings that don't improve morale, and one wounded Pirate Queen spending a night in jail.]
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